Timetable and Classes

At Yoga Hut we follow the principles of Hatha Yoga and classes will usually include gentle movement whilst connecting to the breath, pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation. However, each teacher is encouraged to develop their own personal style so no two classes will ever be the same.

MONDAY                                  7.15pm Hatha/Alexander Yoga     Caroline
TUESDAY                                  9.15am Hatha/Alexander Yoga     Caroline
TUESDAY* TERM 2 & 3            7.15pm Energy Flow Yoga               Arlene
WEDNESDAY* TERM 1 & 4     7.00am Energy Flow Yoga               Arlene
THURSDAY                               9.15am     Stay Tuned, this class is not currently running
FRIDAY                                      9.15am Somachi Yoga                      Linda 
SATURDAY *                              9.15am      Stay Tuned.  This class is not currently running


*Bookings required for Tuesday evening, Wednesday classes.                                         Contact Arlene 0412 565 985 (Tues, Wed)

Please note classes do not always run during school holidays so it is a good idea to ring and check if you are unsure. Phone Caroline on 0408 314 492.

Casual class:   $22.00
5 class pass  :  $95.00
10 class pass:  $180.00