What’s happening in Term 3


Welcome to Yoga Hut for Term 3

Thank you to those of you who have joined us for yoga so far this term.  There are more opportunities than ever to join a class at Yoga Hut.  We have four regular weekday classes, PopUp classes on many Saturday mornings (including one this Saturday 2 August at 8.30am), and the new meditation class held by Ernestine on Thursday mornings at 11.00am.

In addition to these classes this term we plan to hold a “Sunday Bliss Out Session”, where you can take the time to restore the body and soothe the mind with gentle yoga poses that DO NOT require strength, flexibility or hard work.  Read more about this in the article below.  

Also below is an article on yogic philosophy, giving you a taste of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga.  Asana (or the yoga postures) are just part of a complete yoga practice. Here we offer some insight into the other limbs of the yoga tree. 

We also offer a recipe for a very fashionable green smoothie.  Great for keeping colds away!

To keep our classes warm during this colder weather we will be investigating backbends.  Generally an excellent way to warm the body, back bends are beneficial in many other ways too. See our article on back bends and their benefits below.

We hope you enjoy this term’s newsletter, and look forward to seeing you at Yoga Hut soon.


Caroline, Suzi, Linda and Ernestine

_1Sunday Bliss Out Session
When : Sunday 31 August 4 – 6.00pm
Where: Yoga Hut
Price: $35 per person, or $60 per couple



Restore the body and soothe the mind with gentle yoga poses that DO NOT require strength, flexibility or hard work.  This is the ideal class to bring your partner to, or a friend who may be in need of some TLC.  Discounts apply for couples!

Using cushions, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows, we create the best relaxation poses ever.  In the meantime you can listen to beautiful music and we give you the experience of a mini sound bath to balance out your energy systems and boost your immunity.  As a bliss topper we serve you a warm chai tea before you go.

These ‘Bliss Out’ sessions are like a mini retreat.  You are guaranteed to walk away feeling refreshed, renewed and re-motivated to take on a new week of work.

To secure bookings payment is required: BSB number : 083298
                                                            Account number  840430003
                                                            Account name : Ernestine Burnett
Please enter your full name in the ‘Remitter box’ and under ‘Description’ write Yoga Bliss August 1 for a single ticket and Yoga Bliss 2 for a double ticket.
For further enquiries phone Ernestine on 0402 828 389

Green smoothie:

Keeps those colds away!! And tastes like pure goodness!
Water and ‘meat’ from one drinking coconut – (I use a chisel and hammer to open the top)
Otherwise you can buy 100% coconut water
1 banana
1 orange juice and pulp
1 juice of 1 lemon
2-3 cups of baby spinach / cos lettuce / silverbeet leaves
Can also add: kiwi fruit, berries, stone fruit when in season, bee pollen, maca powder,
chia seeds (add after whizzing and best left overnight), basil, coriander –
Experiment! Use your imagination!
Whiz it up in the blender until smooth and drink.
Will keep in fridge for up to 3 days –
Have instead of breakfast or when you get home from school or work.

About Back bends

Practicing back bends is almost a necessity for everyone, particularly when we notice that most of our daily tasks involve forward bending, like computer work, driving and cooking.

Careful back bends in our yoga classes are therefore the perfect ‘medicine’ to counteract our daily dose of forward bending work postures. Practicing back bends reminds us of our proper spine alignment and good posture. Like a pendulum on a swing we go forward and backward to finally find our resting point in the middle, perfectly poised. An aligned spine allows the prana or energy to flow freely, so we feel healthy, open and ready to take on anything that comes our way.

Points to remember when bending back

  • Always warm up the spine gently in order to prevent injury.
  • Be careful not to compress the neck, keep your chin tucked in.
  • To prevent crunching your lower back, maintain action in your lower abdominals as they support your lower back from the inside
  • If you have a back injury, work within your limits and make sure you can distinguish good pain from bad pain. Use blocks and bolsters to support yourself when necessary. Be kind to yourself and allow small steps to lead you to big gains.

Psychological benefits:

Bending backwards takes courage. A natural human tendency is to hunch forward to protect our heart and throat, particularly when faced with challenges or fearful situations, so back bending is a practice in building courage.

We also store emotions like frustration, anger and sadness in our heart and throat chakras. Backbends will release these pent up emotions and give the practitioner a sense of liberation.

So, be safe and gentle with your back bending practice. Enjoy the sense of courage, the liberation of emotional release and the power of your physical strength. Practice with softness and stay with the breath.